jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

www.copiadmalditos.net <-- on line!

The web that belongs to the documentary 'Copyright, or the right to copy' is already on line.

At www.copiadmalditos.net you can find all the extra content that belongs to the project (currently only in Spanish):

- full interviews
- information about the project
- pictures and frame captures of the documentary
- original music composed for the movie
- "killed darlings", sequences that we cutted from the final editing
- videos, "¿What does 'copy' mean to you?"
- blog with the latest news about the project.

Currently, and till TVE broadcasts the film, the documentary is NOT available in the web. Once shown by the TV station we will put it online so everyone can watch it, download and copy it, after its Creative Commons license. There is an english version of the documentary available.

All other materials have the same license nd can be downloaded fronm the website or archive.org.

Here are a couple of screen captures of the web:

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